Psychic TV Shows To Binge-Watch This Holiday!

Psychic TV Shows

This may not be the best moment to watch something scary, but if you’re a genuine psychic or horror fan, you won’t be able to resist any films or television shows that make you feel like you’re connected to another world. The majority of psychic medium shows tell ghost experiences that people have experienced in their own lives. However, there are many imaginary shows; they nonetheless manage to give you the same chills as non-fiction ones.

psychic medium shows

The best paranormal psychic shows are frequently about resolving the unfinished business of persons who have recently passed away. Now the question is, which psychic and medium shows are the best? To save you time searching the internet for the most fascinating and fantastic psychic shows, we’ve compiled a list of a few that you should add to your watch list to binge-watch this holiday period!

Psychic Intervention (2014)

This is a reality TV show hosted by Kim Russo, a well-known psychic medium who uses her psychic talents to assist troubled families or individuals in moving over their previous troubles and accepting the truths of life and the situation. The show is broken up into episodes, with each one focusing on a new group of people and their issues. This event is a fantastic way to learn more about psychic mediums and how people may use their abilities to help others.

Psychic Kids (2019)

Psychic Kids is an eight-episode reality TV show hosted by renowned psychic investigator and therapist Edy Nathan, Chris Fleming, and medium Kim Russo. In this series, kids with diverse psychic talents share their stories of being tormented by ghosts with the rest of the world and learn how to handle their skills from professionals.

Celebrity Ghost Series ( 2009-)

This is a reality television show that premiered in 2009 and recounted the experiences of celebrities who have encountered any paranormal incidents in their lives. The celebrities also return to haunted locations. The TV show has six seasons with varied episodes, with the most recent season featuring psychic-medium Kim Russo accompanying the celebrities to the sighting scenes rather than the celebrities themselves as in the previous five seasons. This is a must-see for anyone curious about what happens in a celebrity’s life when they are confronted by a ghost in their real lives.

Long Island Medium (2011-2019)

This is believed to be one of TLC’s most famous psychic TV shows, with Theresa Caputo claiming to be a living-dead medium. The show is divided into 14 seasons, with each episode concentrating on Caputo giving private and group readings to connect with the dead. Many people thought this show was a hoax, but the contact session gave viewers shivers and truly horrified them.

Psychic Detectives

Psychic Detectives (2006)

This is a television show that depicts real-life situations in which police sought the help of psychics to solve various crimes. However, instead of conducting an actual paranormal investigation, the show recreates events from the cases the psychics claim to have encountered while solving the case.

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